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About Trippy Wardrobe


Trippy Wardrobe is a website dedicated to colorful and unique clothes. We’re passionate about bringing more color into people’s lives through our vibrant designs. We believe the world needs more happy people so we’ve created colorful, happy and positive clothes to make people happy 🙂

In order to give back and support community initiatives around the world, we’ve decided to donate 10% of all of our earnings every month to people and groups who do good work. We plan to increase this percentage over time and help even more, depending on the amount we make. By ordering our products, you’re supporting people and animals in need – and we sincerely thank you for that. If you’d like to know more about how we make a difference, click here.

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Trippy Wardrobe: Marina & Shawn

Trippy Wardrobe was created by Shawn and Marina, a happy couple whose mission is to bring more color into people’s lives. Shawn is a mandala artist whose passions include sacred geometry, cymatics and fractal mathematics. Marina is an adventurer who is passionate about teaching people how to help themselves and improve their own quality of life. With their passions combined, Trippy Wardrobe was created.

Shawn and Marina believe in the power of color and design, as well as the power of all things created with love. And that’s exactly what Trippy Wardrobe is: a creation of love.




About Shawn


Trippy Wardrobe urban hippie clothes
Trippy Wardrobe: Shawn

Shawn Flanigan is an artist based in Cork, Ireland. Shawn’s designs are an exploration of shape, colour and the underlying geometry of the universe. Each design invokes the symmetry that is found in nature all around us and is harmonized through striking colour patterns that touch the entire colour spectrum. Our subconscious minds naturally draw us towards this symmetry and pattern.

Shawn has spent a number of years researching and studying sacred geometry, cymatics and fractal mathematics and all these disciplines have helped him in creating these colourful and intricate designs. These kinds of designs are now rapidly emerging across the world as people are rediscovering these ancient principles.

Most of these designs in there entirety are made from a single basic shape like a triangle, square or a curved line. The shape is then given colour, texture and geometrical principles are used to flip, spin and merge them together to create these complex and dynamic patterns. A few designs are made from photographs of nature, space or crystals using the same techniques as described above.

Shawn can be reached through the contact form on Trippy Wardrobe and his designs are also available online through his Facebook art page. His personal art website is www.SourceCreations.net where you can find prints of his designs. There are well over four hundred designs to see on his page and are all available as prints in various formats on different materials such as high quality poster prints, canvases and different fabrics.

In line with the Eastern and Native American traditions of mandalas, these designs can be used as focal points to clear the mind and aid in meditation and concentration. Different colours and shapes will resonate strongly with different people. When used on clothes, the designs can create positive moods because of their nature, shape, color and vibrational (energetic) properties. When used as prints, these mandalas can also be used to create a harmonious space within any room.

Shawns designs have now been licensed to  number of companies including warner bros. studios where some his work is due to appear in the film TAG showing in the summer of 2018.


About Marina


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Trippy Wardrobe: Marina

Marina is an enthusiastic yoga practitioner, shop owner and animal lover. Her main driving passions include yoga, healthy and happy living, creative projects, community initiatives, social projects and writing. She has spent a long time practicing not just the physical aspects of yoga but also its spiritual and metaphysical aspects in search of a holistic life balance. This has led her to work on numerous social projects for health, happiness and community connection.

Marina also runs a beautiful little alternative shop. The shop works to connect local teachers of various spiritual disciplines and acts as a hub for the local community. In 2017, she wrote a book “Contemplative Gaze: The Inner Journey to Self-Actualization”  which rekindled her passion for writing and gave her a way to express her thoughts on life, love, healing, purpose and self-actualization.

She has also traveled extensively and lived abroad in both Ireland and Portugal. Living in both these places has given her many new experiences and a broad perspective on life. Both of these places have enabled here to grow and expand her knowledge of different disciplines that she pursues in her life. She has recently developed a keen interest in shiatsu which suits her peaceful and compassionate nature. Marina is very passionate about helping animals who she feels have been mistreated so she volunteers with abandoned animals, trying to find them their new forever homes (and, more often than not, bringing them to our home).

Marina has a great eye and feel for colour and space and loves to arrange and decorate spaces so they bring bright and happy energy to a room. She loves to wear bright clothes that bring a smile to her face. Her perceptive eye is a natural fit for Shawn’s creative mandala designs.


Together, we’ve created Trippy Wardrobe for several reasons:

  • to offer colorful, unique and creative products in a world where everything is uniformed and looks pretty much the same
  • to make people happy
  • to create location independence for ourselves, so we can learn, travel, explore and volunteer and still be able to make a living
  • to be able to give back, donate and support initiatives and causes that we feel are important, such as feeding homeless people, supporting sustainable living, food growing initiatives, animal protection programs and others

This is our story. Thank you for being a part of it. 🙂